Miracle Ingredients In Anti Wrinkle Creams

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awcsThere have been several anti wrinkle creams on display touted as being able to do away with wrinkles caused by aging as well as smoothening skin. Lately, there have been claims by many scientists that the creams popularly used are not effective in the complete removal of wrinkles, forcing wrinkled individuals to use several creams which have effects on their skin. They have come up with a cream which has chemicals that doubles the amount of collagen produced by the skin. Collagen is a naturally § Read the rest of this entry…

Stress And Stomach Issues Can Go Hand-In-Hand

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For many women, the everyday pressures of life can hit them below the belt–literally. Here’s how to find relief.

You’re stuck in traffic, already 20 minutes late picking up the kids from soccer practice, and your stomach starts churning. Or your in-laws come to stay for a week, and by the end of it, you feel like your gut is in triple knots. You’re gassy, crampy, and miserable.

Up to 70 million of us have diseases and disorders of the digestive tract. And doctors say stress can often be the cause of such problems or, at the very least, the trigger for flare-ups. “We know that there are clear-cut physiologic changes in the bowel associated with stress,” says Joanne A. P. Wilson, M.D., a professor of medicine in the division …

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