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RAID 5: Recover or Bust

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raid5bHaving a RAID array can make you feel pretty proud of yourself. Either you made it yourself or you had someone do it for you. You feel pretty great knowing that you’ve increased the productivity of your computer and that the server you’ve been using or had planned is working out well. RAID 5 is different from RAID 1 and RAID 10 in that it doesn’t have hard drives that simply mirror each other.

Since RAID 5 uses parity data you need to determine the parity position and rotation in order to get the full configuration of your array. If you’ve had a failure and you want to manually recover your data you need to unsure you know where the parity data is being stored so that you can map your array and know exactly what needs to be corrected.

(Warning: If you don’t understand any of what you’ve just read, look here for some emergency data recovery tips. You don’t want to damage your server!)

This can be overwhelming for a lot of people, even some professionals like this Orange County data recovery service, so don’t think that you’re expected to know all of these things and be able to correct this issue on your own. Check out Hard Drive Recovery Group’s RAID recovery service page for more information on the difficulty of this job.  There is software that can be downloaded that will do a scan of your set up and figure out those parity settings for you. This is a lot less time consuming and will allow you to get on with the repair sooner rather than later. § Read the rest of this entry…