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Are Today’s Billionaires Born or Made???

The world may be made up of billions and billions of people at a time but only a handful truly succeeds in life. Alongside prominent leaders and influencers of our time, the rich also take the spotlight for their superiority above the rest in terms of the amount of money they have in their bank accounts and how many assets they personally own with very little to almost non-existent liabilities. Many envy them since most of us equate happiness with having lots of money. Yet there is one perennial question that many of us keep asking ourselves, is a billionaire born or made?

Well, it is a hard question to answer and we may need to look into the lives of previous and current billionaires and find out how they were as children and what those born without a golden spoon did to amass such success and richness in their lifetime. The Forbes list is a great place to start as it compiles the wealthiest in the nation and from there one can further their research as to these people’s background. And the results aren’t surprising either. It only confirms that while some are born …


Increase In Energy Taxes Hurt Business Groups

Businesses exist for profits. There is no denying that fact. No entrepreneur in his right mind will start a business only to expect to lose money in return. Businesses provide an income revenue for entrepreneurs as long as they know how to manage their business right and invest in the right industry. There are a lot of things at work when running a business. The work does not end in the conceptualizing of the business plan among other things – it is actually just the beginning.

The actual running of the business is where all the work is done by putting into practice all the theories and principles entrepreneurs believe in and in using them all to sell a product or a service and make money in return. Operational costs must also be considered as you need to spend money in order to make money. It’s an age-old practice followed by almost everyone in the business circle. Now, news about a rise in energy tax has a big impact on businesses as they usually use a lot of energy in their day-to-day business operation.

Business groups warned Tuesday that a state Senate-passed proposal to


The Global Demand For Fastfood Grows

We all need food to survive. If we don’t, we’ll gradually wither and die like plants do in the absence of water and sunlight. Our eating patterns, though, have changed greatly over the years. Back then, most people ate healthy, home-cooked meals daily. Mothers used to stay at home and prepare their family’s meals, but today, many of them have joined the work force to help provide for the family. Hence, the people resort to fast food for a quick and easy solution to feeding the entire family without overspending.

In America alone, fast food has become the preferred food of the public. They can just grab it and go. It is especially convenient for individuals who are juggling various jobs that require them to be always wary of the time. Today, fast food is all over the world. Even in countries that aren’t a big fan of fast food like China now have countless fast food joints scattered here and there. On top of that, food delivery is fast becoming a practice too similar to that in Western countries.

McDonald’s will nearly double the number of restaurants in China in the next five

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Trading Issues In Trump’s America

President Trump is a great businessman. How could he build such an empire if he knew nothing about the trade, right? However, his new position as the U.S. president is not a business gamble. For four years, his decision will shape the nation and everyone else living in it. Soon after assuming office, he already made quite a few daring moves involving travel bans and more travel bans in his serious stance against terrorists and illegal immigrants. Well, it does not come as a surprise since he has been very vocal about his position on it for years now.

But other aspects of nation building are also affected by his unorthodox policies. While he gives utmost priority to defense, immigration and safety and security of everyone, he gives less importance to other equally important issues like education, trade, the arts, and many others. As a businessman himself, he should be a genius already when it comes to business policies that can help boost the country’s economy. However, it seems like his business acumen isn’t manifesting yet in his unprecedented leadership.

The United States broke with other large industrial nations over trade on Saturday as


SME Businesses In The Digital World

As technology takes over the world, businesses must also go digital in order to keep up and maintain their business. Traditional small and medium businesses have no choice but to establish an online presence to stay relevant in a world that is continually changing and improving. Most big businesses got this aspect covered because they have the money to burn and the manpower to do the job for them but many small and medium enterprises struggle in making this transition, with many forming professional groups to cooperate and share resources.

A globally interconnected world can actually work to your advantage because you are no longer limited by physical barriers that normally affect businesses in the past. The world is your oyster and you can make business in different corners of the world, which can probably increase your profit by more than you can imagine. However, for newbies and entrepreneurs who have no idea how to navigate technology, it might be a struggle and can greatly impede the growth of their business.

The entrepreneurial landscape has been transformed by global interconnectivity, new supply chains, dynamic emerging markets and technological innovation. For European small businesses, taking full