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Protecting Your Data While You Still Can

The web is an amazing place full of interesting contents that suit different tastes. There is essentially something that will catch your fancy. And the more the world progresses, the more intertwined our lives are to technology. The most obvious of all is the smartphone which almost never leaves our hands and is usually the first thing we look for upon waking up and the last thing we tinker with before drifting off to sleep at night. Then, most industries also use the computer in running their day-to-day operation. Whether it is a small, medium or a big business, a school, an institution, or even those stay-at-home employees and entrepreneurs use it in their day-to-day. Small and big data make our digital world go round.

Now, what happens when this data is compromised? Well, perhaps it can be the end for you and a sign to buy a new device. Sometimes, businesses close for good because they’re no longer able to recover from the inconvenience caused by lost files that are basically the backbone of their businesses. At times, it is still possible to recover lost data but not all the time. Backing up your


Intel’s Big AI Dreams

Many things in this world come and go. Not all have the capacity to last for centuries at the top of its games. Only a handful are capable of doing that and they are mostly big brands that have become household names and managed to ride the tide and survive the changing of trends and people’s interests. If there is one thing that truly defines today’s society, it has to do with the very strong presence of technology in just about every nook and cranny of this planet. Wherever you go, there is a tech device that is sure to take your fancy or catch you by surprise. Major opportunities are made or broken with tech. The advent of smartphones has also strengthened the power the Internet of Things has over us and it has brought the World Wide Web to the palm of our hands and as such we can only wonder what else is in store for all of us in the coming years.

But the journey of technology wasn’t a straight path to where it is now. There have been discoveries, breakthroughs, major embarrassments and disappointments and the cycle repeats itself …


Social Media: A Modern Addiction

Social media rules the Internet. Name anyone who doesn’t have an SNS account yet and you’d probably have a hard time thinking of any. Everyone is using some form of social media these days. All time favorites are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. People can get lost for hours browsing their various SNS news feed and clicking on links to find out what is trending in the online world. And with the advent of smartphones, it became like second nature for people to check on their SNS accounts every few minutes or so. Even businesses benefit from social media in order to reach a wider audience without all the hassle. They can promote and grow their brand by posting regularly on social media where people can immediately see their posts and even leave comments or messages.

While initially thought as something innocent and just a means to pass the time and kill boredom, social media has evolved to become an addiction that is slowly messing up with their lives especially with school and work responsibilities. You don’t often notice the hours passing by because you are too engrossed clicking all those likes, comments, and shares. How …


Tech Conferences Level-Up Too

We live in the digital age. You can see it all around you. Even in your own homes, it is cluttered with various tech gadgets that were yet unknown a few years back or not as widely used as it is now. And where is the best place to learn more about the current technology and those that are still in the works but in tech conferences? When it comes to tech conferences, expect things to be not the usual pen and paper type approach. There will be more technology subtly intertwined in the agenda and in everything you see around you. After all, these people are selling tech concepts and gadgets, so consumers and experts should be able to see a powerful presentation of these technologies to convince them that these technologies will be worth their time and money.

Technology is fast-changing and evolving into something even more complex and dynamic than the ones we are now using. These tech conferences are a great avenue for those who have a keen interest in technology because it gives them a chance to see and even get to play with these gadgets before they even …


An American Supercomputer In The Making

The world is fascinated with computers. It’s undeniable with the number of digital innovations littered around us. From our personal lives to the society at large, computers play a big role in our day-to-day. The computers we now have are very much different from the ones we used to dabble with in our youth. Gone were the floppy disks and super slow Internet explorer of yesteryears. And with technology, you can only go forward with each passing years. With the tech capability we now have, artificial intelligence is almost within our reach.

Various countries try to outbuild one another with the computing technology they develop. China’s economy is only second to that of the US but they dominate the world of supercomputers. In an effort to surpass supercomputers made by the Chinese, the US is allocating hundreds of millions of dollars to make this dream a reality, and hopefully, rank higher than the first two that came from Chinese soil.

The United States will spent $258 million over three years in an effort to develop a supercomputer capable of hitting one exaflop.

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry announced on Thursday that Washington would be awarding


Cybersecurity On The Web

You won’t run out of things to do on the World Wide Web. Whatever your interests are, you are sure to find something that will pique your interest; as if social media is not a good enough reason to force you to go online on a daily basis. You have shared several personal details on all your social networks because you need to disclose them when you create your account. However, hackers can steal your data once they gain access to the system and give you lots of headaches in the future.

Cybersecurity is no laughing issue. You’d be surprised at how sophisticated modern hackers and cyber criminals have become and you don’t stand a chance once they get into your system, corrupt your files, and steal valuable data – even your own identity. Cyber attacks often make it to the headline because such attacks are becoming far too prevalent these days.

It’s now clear that cyber attacks are a fact of life for corporations and governments. What’s less clear are the winners and losers among companies focused on stopping the digital break-ins.

News about the WannaCry digital extortion attack that crippled hundreds of


The Mysteries Of The Dark Web: The Pedophile’s Playground

We are all familiar with computers and how they work. We use it on a daily basis we have learned a lot of tricks in navigating the web. But as ordinary people, there are still many things we do not know about the Internet. Aside from the web that we navigate each day, there is the dark web that is home to all sorts of criminals on the planet.

There is nothing as loathsome as child pornography. Imagine taking advantage of a vulnerable child and taking away their innocence because of a pedophile’s selfish sexual desires. Kids should be allowed to be kids and play to their heart’s content. But today, many pedophiles lurk in the dark corners of the web where children from all over the world are exploited by these heartless creatures.

 The illegal trade in children being raped and violently abused is at “a level of epidemic proportions” according to an internal Canadian government memo obtained last summer by The Canadian Press.

It was the fourth major statement by North American senior government staff warning of a crisis that too few in the media seem prepared to recognize much less report


Foreign Computer Programmers Are No Longer Welcome In America

With the Trump Presidency, you can expect his policies to be Pro-American. From the very beginning, Trump was very vocal in saying that he will make America great again by wiping out the nation of illegal immigrants and other nationalities that are a threat to the safety and security of all Americans.

While his intention is good, he forgets one important thing: that many U.S. industries and companies rely heavily on foreign workers to get the job done. And to think of it, many skilled and highly-intellectual occupations in the country are done by foreigners. Even in the technology sector, a lot of computer programmers are foreigners. But in line with the recent immigration policies of President Trump, the next to be hit will likely be them. These sought-after foreign computer programmers will now have a hard time getting an H-1B visa in the United States.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services quietly over the weekend released new guidance that computer programmers are no longer presumed to be eligible for H-1B visas.

What it means: This aligns with the administration’s focus on reserving the temporary visas for very high-skilled (and higher-paid) professionals while encouraging low- and


Laptop VS. Desktop Computer: Which Is Better?

Several years ago, not many owned a laptop or a computer at home. It was a luxury that many can still afford to live without. Yet as the years go by and as technology progresses, most of us begin to realize that these technological contraptions are already a necessity that everyone needs to have at home. While smartphones give us access to the web and offer more flexibility, the enduring capability and multitasking properties offered by either a laptop or a desktop computer outshines the more handy and flashy smartphones and tablets.

Now, if I were to ask you, will you go for a laptop or a desktop computer? It may be a tricky question for some but you eventually have to choose over time. What you buy depends on your computing needs. While a laptop is undoubtedly a crowd favorite because of the comfort and convenience it offers, it does have its disadvantages. The same can be said about desktop computers. Choosing which one to buy all boils down to what you need.

You may never buy another laptop.

Ten years ago, laptop sales overtook desktop PC sales to become the dominant hardware platform


How Data Is Stolen From Your Computer Hard Drive

We all rely on technology to get things done nowadays. From simple household chores, school assignments, work research, entertainment, and so much more, technology is at its core. So, it is not unusual to find a computer or other smart gadget in every home these days. These gadgets are far becoming more of a necessity than the luxury that it once was.

While most of us may own a computer or a laptop today, it does not mean that we are all tech-savvy when it comes to using it. We may know how to navigate the web and perform basic and some semi-advanced computer functions but it does not necessarily mean we can fix our computer once it gets broken because more often than not, we don’t. Only experts have extensive computer hard drive know-how. It involves familiarization with various technical processes and terminologies that one learns from in school.

However, as we increase our computer use, we become more vulnerable to hacking and scamming threats. Now, are you capable of protecting your computer and yourself from cyber criminals?

Researchers at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) Cyber Security Research Center have demonstrated that