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Staying Strong In Faith Despite Continued Progress

Since the beginning of time, humans believed and continue to believe in a supreme being that created, guides, and watches over us all the time. This knowledge eased our worries and gave us hope with each passing day. Your faith is actually what you believe deep within you. Religion is when you profess this faith and join a specific system of faith and worship. Some of the most popular and controversial religions in the world are Christianity and Islam. Throughout the ages, these religions fought for supremacy over the other and this struggle continues until today.

However, people’s priorities have significantly changed as our world progresses. Humans put more value now on material objects rather than on one’s spirituality. Fewer people go to church or even pray on their own. They often only remember to pray and ask for divine intervention in the face of difficult hurdles and problems in life. It is really that hard to stay strong in your faith when everyone around you is also engrossed in gaining material wealth rather than securing their place in heaven.

Critics of religious faith often like to compare it, unfavorably, to science. Science, they