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Staying Fashionable This Winter Season

We all know that fashion is ever evolving and the fashion this season may seem outdated on the next. Yet if there’s one unique thing about fashion is that old staples can appear cool again when they make a comeback. This is especially true with 90s fashion that has dominated the previous seasons as of late. But now that the last season for the year is fast approaching, what else can we do to revamp our closets with fashionable winter pieces without necessarily freezing in the cold. Of course, we want our fashion t be always on point. So, what are the things you need to remember this coming winter, so you always look fab and not drab because you are covered from head to toe?

You don’t always have to dress to impress, though, as long as you don’t look like a fashion victim and you don’t compromise your health and safety by (consciously) neglecting to wear proper winter clothing for the sake of looking fashionable. Unfortunately, many people are still clueless how to achieve that knack in dressing appropriately according to the season. Some prefer to take the easy way out and …


The Struggles Of Working Women

Men and women have been viewed differently for the longest time. Even until today when the world at large is more tolerant and accepting of gender diversity, we can’t deny the fact that men and women still play different roles in society. Technological innovations have been outstanding but there are certain things that never change. Sure, there may be more women in the workforce now but does that really reflect how much things have changed for the better for the more feminine of the sexes or are there still underlying gender issues that still plague modern-day women especially the working ones? At this day and age, what could possibly be the problems faced by all women regardless of what part of the world they live in and how do they cope with it are just some of the questions we are still seeking answers for.

What we may be seeing right now of women being hired in more jobs across a variety of industries may very well just be a smokescreen of underlying issues that spam centuries ago. It is perhaps true that more women are hired in different jobs right now but many …


Save Your Wallet This Christmas

Who doesn’t like Christmas, right? It is the happiest time of the year for both the young and the old. You have more free time from work or school to spend at home with your family or even travel somewhere far, not to mention all the holiday cheer. Perhaps the highlight of the season aside from the unwavering Christmas spirit is the unending sharing of gifts. Kids receive the most gifts during this time of the year especially if they have been nice all-year round. Now, exactly how much do you need to spend on pampering the young ones with toys and Christmas presents? At this age, many of them do not understand the value of money yet and if you keep on spoiling them by buying lavish gifts, it may only set as a precedent for even more costly presents as the child grows up.

Sometimes, it takes a little creativity in coming up with the perfect presents. It does not necessarily have to cost a lot but something the child appreciates. It can also be something functional that a child can use in their day-to-day. Now, adults get presents too not only …


The Best Places To Shop For Christmas Presents

Can you feel it? The wind is a lot cooler now. Shops are filled with bright and festive decorations. It only means one thing. Christmas is fast approaching. I’m sure both young and old alike are looking forward to this merriest time of the year. With the holidays comes lots of free time to spend with the people you love and to forget about worries about life and work even for a short time. Aside from the sumptuous food and the joyous sound of carols everywhere, one of the highlights during the holidays is the sharing of Christmas presents. I’m sure everybody is thinking about what gifts to buy for Christmas as there is roughly a month left before the holidays.

You still have time to finish your Christmas list if you start shopping now and you can save yourself from all the hassles of last-minute shopping when malls are already crowded and most items are sold at a regular price. Truly what can save your wallet and your sanity is shopping early but the question is where? Most shoppers now actually shop online. It’s a very convenient way to buy for just about everything …


Overcoming Your Disabilities

Not everyone is born equal. We all have unique characteristics that set us apart from the rest. But at times, this individuality may not always be a good thing as it comes in the form of a disability that differentiates you from what is normal. Society may not always be so accepting but a lot has changed over the years and those with disabilities are leading better lives now. They don’t always have to be considered as social outcasts because they can actually function as normal human beings and some can even hold a job.

It takes a great deal of strength and courage to overcome one’s own physical limitations. It’s not always other people that deter you but your own belief in your self (and doubts as well) that you can live a normal life even if you are physically-handicapped. Of course, you did not wish to be born with a body not up to par with the world’s standard but it is a burden you’ll bear throughout your lifetime. Fortunately, that burden has become lighter as the world gradually becomes more disability-friendly. Some who do manage to find a real-paying work actually …


The Dream Of Building Smart Cities

The way to progress is through tech advancements. That’s what we have basically learned over the years. We see it from first-class cities like Singapore that is a class of its own. Life is fast-paced because technology ensures everything is done on time without a glitch. Building smart cities also involve a lot of money and the use of various technologies. It is easier for smaller nations to do this but it can be quite burdensome for those bigger ones that are lacking in funds and the willpower to initiate such a major change.

For most cities in the world today, can you likewise build and maintain a smart city? And when I say smart city, it is realizing a vision of an urban development that has integrated the technology of the Internet of Things (IoT) and communications in running the affairs of the place. Well, given the technology that we have right now and knowing that others were able to do it means that it is highly possible. The only problem arises from the leaders and how they manage their resources in order for them to execute such a grand plan.

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Keep Your Health In Check While Traveling

To travel is to feed your senses and make lasting memories to last a lifetime. Not everyone is comfortable in leaving their homes and going somewhere new for a certain period of time. We all thrive in the safety and comfort offered by our homes but it is hard to pass up on the adventure of a lifetime. Traveling is so much easier now with cheaper airline flights and the convenience offered by the World Wide Web. You can easily book an Airbnb in any part of the world without breaking the bank. You can also come up with your travel itinerary months ahead before your big trip since you can find all the details you need on the web.

With the advent of smartphones, all these perks are now in the palm of your hand. You can do so many things all at once with no sweat at all, wherever you may be. As you feed your wanderlust, it is unavoidable to fall ill during your travels. It may be just a common cold or flu or a bout of diarrhea from all the street and exotic foods you have consumed the day before …


Dance To The Music Of The Times

Dancing is like art in motion. Similar to spoken poetry, the grace and fluid body movements of dancers captivate the hearts and attention of the audience. Not everyone is gifted with such a talent. And if you are among the gifted, you need to hone your talent through the years because it can get rusty over time. Like singers, most dancers start to train young. They join dance classes and dance groups to build their familiarity with the different grooves and build their confidence on stage as well.

Dancers invest their time and effort in perfecting their craft. However, like with any other aspects of the arts in the country today, it is at serious risk of budget cuts that can affect productions and so much more. President Trump does not fully support the arts in his federal budget plans, so is education, free trade, etc. Will the industry ever cope with such a lack of support from the federal government or is it the end for everyone involved?

On Thursday, the Trump administration released a preliminary 2018 budget proposal, which details many of the changes the president wants to make to the federal


How To Capture Instagram-Worthy Photos

With the growing popularity of social media today, there is a need to constantly update your family, friends, and acquaintance about what’s new in your life on a daily basis. Hence, the term “selfie” became a sensational hit and was even added to dictionaries. Other words that are related to taking photos also appeared like groufie, for instance. It simply means a group selfie.

We only realized how narcissistic we all are with the advent of smartphones and social media. And you don’t even need to purchase an expensive DSLR camera to capture Instagram-worthy photos. Your personal smartphone will do. You can copy popular poses on Instagram and fill your feed with amateur photos that look professional to the untrained eye. And mind you, people make a living from their social media accounts. You’ll be surprised on how much they make just posting photos, videos, and updates about themselves.

It’s a hard life. 21 years old, 300,000 followers, traveling the world for a living, posting your photographic results to Instagram. That’s the day-to-day of Jacob Riglin, who is instantly likeable no matter how much you want to begrudge his seemingly perfect life. Instagram has


The Rise Of Celebrity Activism

We are all human. Whether we are ordinary citizens or one born with a silver spoon in his/ her mouth, we get affected by the issues that surround us. Although the rich can afford to ignore the issues that affect the masses while living in their big mansions with high gates, they still see everything once they go out of their expensive homes. What’s more, political issues can also affect their businesses and relationship with others.

But as the world gets smaller and smaller because of technology, it becomes harder for everyone to turn a blind eye to pressing issues that require our attention. Even celebrities rise up to the challenge and speak up about their opinions on various topics. Celebrity activism was even more prominent during the last U.S. election when the stars openly showed their support to their chosen individuals to lead the country.

During the past few years, we have seen an occurring trend of celebrities giving their political opinions. More recently, celebrities have consistently used award shows as a platform to talk about political issues.

Some of the political comments made during award shows occur at the opening of the show


What Is Charity Like In The Modern World

Since time immemorial, there are people who are more generous than others. Giving back to the poor is something natural for them. Their selfless attributes are probably what shaped modern charity and gift giving in the world today. Not everyone has the same opportunities in life and those who have been blessed more than others feel grateful for their blessings and also learned to share their blessings to those in need.

Charity work is a bit different nowadays. The new twist in giving back to the poor has to do with more advanced technology that is now available to us. Even ordinary citizens can easily set up GoFundMe pages for various causes and people who are more blessed than others are quick to pitch in and donate whatever amount they can. However, there are a few who takes advantage of the generosity of others and steals a portion of the money that should have been given to the poor.

Last week’s devastating Westminster attack left 5 people dead and a shocked nation reaching for their wallets to donate to the family of Keith Palmer, the valiant police officer who confronted Khalid Masood as he attempted


Can Trump Eradicate Poverty In America?

The world thinks the U.S. is a mighty and progressive country. And in many ways, they are correct in their thinking. The U.S. supports other developing nations and gives out funding for different programs and services. For many, they also see America as a land of opportunities and a greener pasture where opportunities are endless if you just work hard enough.

What the rest of the world doesn’t know is that while the U.S. appears to be a formidable nation, it also struggles with internal issues, most of which involves government officials and policies, the economy and even that of poverty. Education is expensive in America, which is why many American youths no longer proceed to college after graduating from high school. Hence, they miss out on better work opportunities where more experienced and educated foreign workers qualify for.

It is the reason why a lot of American families rely on federal welfare. The number of the homeless people continues to rise as more employees get laid off from work because of budget cuts and a struggling economy. So, just what is the extent of poverty in America?

It’s a familiar tune: the United States


San Diego Blossoms This Spring

The West Coast does not have to go through severe seasonal changes unlike states on the East Coast. And because of its location in the Southern part of California, you can enjoy a fairly temperate weather in San Diego. It is also home to acres upon acres of trees (some of which that need professional maintenance, for sure) that keep everyone cool and comfy despite the heat.

Who doesn’t like Spring, right? It’s like the perfect outdoor weather for everyone. But there is something more to look forward to in San Diego come Spring – cherry blossoms. You no longer have to cross the Pacific and travel thousands of miles away to see some pretty gorgeous cherry blossoms in bloom. San Diego is home to some of the prettiest cherry blossoms in the country and you’d feel transported to Japan just seeing these parks and gardens in bloom.

With the wildflower spread at Anza-Borrego Desert and the blooming of the cherry blossoms at the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park, Spring is definitely in the air. This year marks the twelfth anniversary of the Cherry Blossom Festival in San Diego, which