Does A Diploma Equate Success In Life?

From a young age, we were always reprimanded by our parents to study hard and learn as much as you can from school. Some are obsessed in getting high marks and bringing home different awards (both academic and extra-curricular) while many are there to simply pass and learn whatever they need in order to find a job and earn their keep once they leave the four corners of the classroom for good. Yet as we go along in life, most of us realize that not all degree-holders really succeed later in life and there are those who haven’t finished their studies who eventually lead a more prosperous life than their educated counterparts.

Now, you may ask yourself, is a diploma necessary at all to become successful in your adult years? It’s a tricky question because the answer may vary depending on person to person. It is undeniable that you need to hold a degree in applying for certain jobs especially now that the world has gotten smaller because of the power of the Internet and that people from different parts of the world can actually compete for the same job. Meanwhile, there are individuals who are undeniably street-smart and have learned various life skills that have proven to be handy in helping them elevate their status in life. This is the case with some businessmen with rags-to-riches stories who took a risk and were well-rewarded later on.

Acquire skills

Education is the best mentor. It can allow you to acquire different kinds of skills. The world is leading towards an innovative age where people are only valued if they have a certain set of skills. From writing and editing to speaking and debating, it teaches us all. Education will surely teach you how to acquire those expertise. Whether you want to become a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer or even a sportsmen, you need to educate yourself about the field.

Economic growth of a nation

Education is not only about personal development. There is a reason why the world is placing so much emphasis on global literacy rate. The primary reason is economic growth which will ultimately result into better standards of living. There are countries like Canada where the literacy rate is staggeringly high and this is why they are economically prosperous.


To educate yourself on the ways of the world is among the many reasons why you go to school. It may not be apparent to you at first especially when you are still young but you gradually learn over time why you need to learn certain things if you want to excel in life. Getting a good education is not all about the grades. What young students must keep in mind these days that while they strive to perform better than their peers, studying should always be about enriching your knowledge and honing your skills, so you can do well in life no matter what profession you have chosen to pursue.

On college affordability, 75 percent of adults say the price of attendance “keeps students who are qualified and motivated to go to college from doing so.” Along those lines, more than 60 percent of adults believe the state is not spending enough on higher education. However, about half the state’s adults say they are unwilling to pay more in taxes to raise money for public higher education.

On whether the state’s higher education system is “generally” going in the wrong direction, 45 percent of adults and 53 percent of likely voters say it is, while 46 percent of adults and 37 percent of likely voters believe the state is moving in the right direction.


Unfortunately, there is a major challenge that most students must overcome if they want to secure that highly coveted college diploma: the rising cost of tuition fee. Most students graduate with thousands of dollars in debt as they need to fund their studies just so they can graduate. And once they do, they struggle trying to make both ends meet and pay off their students loans. It is also perhaps the reason why many university graduates don’t really become successful right away as they need to pay off their loans first before they can even afford other necessities or luxuries in life. This is clearly the case that proves not all degree-holders become successful immediately or even in the long run. It still depends on the person on how they can rise above their issues and pursue their dreams no matter how crazy it may be regardless if they have a diploma or not.

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