Intel’s Big AI Dreams

Many things in this world come and go. Not all have the capacity to last for centuries at the top of its games. Only a handful are capable of doing that and they are mostly big brands that have become household names and managed to ride the tide and survive the changing of trends and people’s interests. If there is one thing that truly defines today’s society, it has to do with the very strong presence of technology in just about every nook and cranny of this planet. Wherever you go, there is a tech device that is sure to take your fancy or catch you by surprise. Major opportunities are made or broken with tech. The advent of smartphones has also strengthened the power the Internet of Things has over us and it has brought the World Wide Web to the palm of our hands and as such we can only wonder what else is in store for all of us in the coming years.

But the journey of technology wasn’t a straight path to where it is now. There have been discoveries, breakthroughs, major embarrassments and disappointments and the cycle repeats itself year after year after year. Some companies that were once a part of the early days of the computer boom are nowhere to be heard of now or have taken the backseat as more popular and innovative brands take the center stage like Apple, Facebook, Google, Samsung, and many others. However, it does not mean that they can’t attempt to be relevant again and reclaim their old spot. It’s probably what Intel has in mind when it broadcasted its dream of taking part in the big AI boom through the use of its chips.

Intel might be an old-school computing company, but the chipmaker thinks the latest trends in artificial intelligence will keep it an important part of your high-tech life.

AI technology called machine learning today is instrumental to taking good photos, translating languages, recognizing your friends on Facebook, delivering search results, screening out spam and many other chores. It usually uses an approach called neural networks that works something like a human brain, not a sequence of if-this-then-that steps as in traditional computing.

Lots of companies, including Apple, Google, Qualcomm and Nvidia, are designing chips to accelerate this sort of work. But on Tuesday, Intel Chief Executive Brian Krzanich promised a major speed increase through its own chips, designed from the ground up for neural processing.


Perhaps neural processing is the future and it can be accelerated by Intel chips, who knows. They probably have the brainpower, the manpower, and the enthusiasm to make such a thing happen only if they have sufficient funding for it. Business is going downhill as they haven’t positioned themselves well in the smartphone business, the PC market is troubling, and their only dominance in the data center technology is constantly threatened. Their statement of going after AI as well is perhaps their attempt to keep the company afloat and keep the business going for as long as they can before everyone else has caught up.

Intel is ready to ship its long awaited computer chip used to power artificial intelligence projects by the end of the year.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich explained the chip-maker’s foray into the red-hot field of artificial intelligence Tuesday and said that Facebook (FB, +0.06{ddf747c4c486e9958adbc77363e67d0352bd480b62ee32ea0c519727654aeec6}) has assisted the company in prelude to its new chip’s debut.

“We are thrilled to have Facebook in close collaboration sharing its technical insights as we bring this new generation of AI hardware to market,” Krzanich wrote. An Intel spokesperson wrote to Fortune in an email that while the two companies are collaborating, they do not have a formal partnership.


With the system in place (Intel Nervana Neural Network Processor) to back them up, their big dreams of conquering the AI market may just be possible after all and their team up with Facebook may be a big boost to how the game is played and introduce an entirely new breed of AI hardware to the rest of the world. After all, this technology is needed in order to pursue deep learning related to how artificial intelligence works.

And this opportunity may really be the game changer for the company that is facing so many hardships right now after missing out on a lot of trends that took the world by storm in recent years. We are seeing history taking place in front of our eyes, so watch out because you’d be surprised that sooner rather than later, AI is already a part of the very fabric of our life like how smart technology crept steadily and changed the way we live our lives to date.

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