Money In Politics

Progressive nations rely on the government to make use of the country’s natural resources to collect taxes, generate funds, maintain law and order, and uphold the rights of the citizens, among others. Political leaders not only maintain domestic affairs but take part in the global arena to represent the country. Maintaining global relations is important not only in nation building but also in trading. However, not all politicians engage in politics for public service. Many are now blinded by the power and money that is in their hands when in public office that they use in it enriching themselves and their families rather than focusing on providing genuine public service.

Politicians receive plenty of donations to fund their candidacy since the onset of the campaign or even before that for some. And when they win, these politicians feel indebted to these donors and willingly give in to their requests whatever they may be. Even in running a country, money also plays a crucial role since you can’t fund government programs or build new infrastructure, for instance, without sufficient funding. Not all the time this fund comes from the people’s taxes, it can also be money borrowed from other nations or global banks. Hence, it is crucial to be friendly with other nations because you can never tell when you’ll need their help.

Over half of major political donations come from wealthy individuals able to splash out $15,000 or more, new research shows.

Fully 52 percent of the money from donations over $1500 in 2011-2016 came in chunks of $15,000 or more. Donations under $1500 aren’t declared, but aren’t thought to make up a significant percentage of party funding given the small population of New Zealand.

Donations are used – along with public broadcast funding – to cover advertising, polling, and ground operations outside of Parliament. Parties in Parliament also receive a set amount of public funding they can use for staff, research, polling, and even advertising outside of the three months before an election.

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It’s the reason why corruption will continue to be a major headache in many nations because politicians serve the interests of their wealthy donors first rather than think of the welfare of the public. And we are not just talking about lobby groups, trade unions or other organizations but of individual people who are often billionaires with a myriad of businesses under their name who can benefit from a few favors from elected government officials.

Coelho is one of thousands of skilled workers trying to navigate Brazil’s wrecked economy in the wake of Operation Car Wash, a sprawling investigation that has used plea-bargain deals to trace corruption from a Brasilia gas station to the highest levels of government. 

 The investigation has resulted in prison terms for many politicians, as well as executives in Brazil’s construction, petrochemical and meat industries, on charges of trading bribes involving lucrative government contracts. Three years in, the industry purges have sparked mass layoffs, hollowing out companies that were once world-renowned. 

Brazilians overwhelmingly support the Car Wash probe and say they hope it will end systemic graft and usher in a new culture of transparency. But although the investigation is expected to pave the way for stronger accountability and governance over the long term, the progress has not been pain-free.  

(Via: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/the_americas/a-corruption-scandal-wrecked-brazils-economy-now-workers-face-the-consequences/2017/06/16/a2be0faa-505b-11e7-b74e-0d2785d3083d_story.html?utm_term=.86dce3c758e2)

While top government officials benefit from the bribes given by rich entrepreneurs, it is eventually the people that suffer once these scandals are brought out into the open. You may think that this only happens in third-world countries but in reality, it can happen anywhere, even in a progressive nation like America. Trump promised to make America great again but he is far from reaching his goals over half a year in office. We really can’t tell yet if he is giving in to requests from other businessmen like himself but just look at his cabinet and it should speak a thousand words already.

We can’t easily wipe out corruption in the government. It exists from the lowest of positions to the highest one in the land. Your only defense is to stay vigilant at all times and always report such a crime if you have proof to support such claims. The public should be active at all times and never vote for candidates who are rumored to be receiving financial help from private third parties because only then can we surely put an end to corruption for good.

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