Staying Fashionable This Winter Season

We all know that fashion is ever evolving and the fashion this season may seem outdated on the next. Yet if there’s one unique thing about fashion is that old staples can appear cool again when they make a comeback. This is especially true with 90s fashion that has dominated the previous seasons as of late. But now that the last season for the year is fast approaching, what else can we do to revamp our closets with fashionable winter pieces without necessarily freezing in the cold. Of course, we want our fashion t be always on point. So, what are the things you need to remember this coming winter, so you always look fab and not drab because you are covered from head to toe?

You don’t always have to dress to impress, though, as long as you don’t look like a fashion victim and you don’t compromise your health and safety by (consciously) neglecting to wear proper winter clothing for the sake of looking fashionable. Unfortunately, many people are still clueless how to achieve that knack in dressing appropriately according to the season. Some prefer to take the easy way out and wear pieces that they have been wearing year in and year out regardless of the current trend. What many are now aware of is that there are certain staples you can use despite the passing of years and still look like such an eye-candy if you know how to mix and match what pieces. That way, you look in fashion without breaking the bank or suffering in the cold.

Leaving athletic-wear behind, there are infinite combinations of boots and outerwear, fabrics, and materials that can solve this issue. It can be difficult when choosing from so many options. However, there is one undoubted truth that must be observed when attempting to solve the paradox of fashion in the frigid cold. It is the use of complementary layers that will guide you through the winter months in style.

Let’s start from layer one. If you plan to be outside most of the time, your under layers can be an extremely useful tool in building an impressive outfit for the outdoors. While everyone loves a good down-coat, it’s hard to feel stunning when you’re walking around in a puffy jacket looking like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. By piling up your non-visible layers, you’re making way for slimmer, more attractive, form-fitting layers that will be seen by those you pass.


Layering is crucial to fighting off the frigid temperatures of the cold winter months. The ability to layer equally fashionable and comfortable clothing to make you warm may even be considered a life skill because many don’t make an effort anymore in looking good and just simply put on the first comfortable piece of clothing they can find in their closet. Make sure you choose invisible items that won’t make you look any more bigger than your body frame and at the same time allow you to add on more outer layers that emphasizes your natural curves and not make you look extremely bulky. Certain color schemes can also enhance your appearance, so make sure you choose tans, beiges, and browns along with dark grays and blacks since they trim down your frame and provides a nice contrast to the sparkling white environment.

“Just as sunshine can make us happier for the [aforementioned] reasons, we can help to induce that hopeful feeling by wearing something yellow,” Eiseman said, adding that when other people see someone in a bright color, they, too, might feel happier. “It’s interesting that it can start a chain reaction that creates a more positive energy for the person wearing the colors as well as those who observe the color.” 

Harrington agreed that bright colors can stimulate both the person wearing them and those around them, creating a sort of cycle of positivity.

“Because [bright colors] usually aren’t the norm, they will attract attention and usually other people tend to like them and will comment to somebody, ‘Oh, you look great. I love that color,’” Harrington said. “That then feeds into this cycle of feeling good about ourselves.” 


While we have been told to mirror the colors of the season, adding a pop of color can make all the difference as well. While not everyone can pull this fashion trick off, it definitely not only has aesthetics benefits but has a positive impact to your health and well-being as well. It’s fine if you want to avoid loud colors and stick to neutrals that are no-fails in the cold weather but some who don’t mind experimenting with their fashion can be that ball of sunshine that also lifts everyone’s mood aside from looking simply bright and bubbly during the most somber season of all. Color schemes aren’t entirely the golden rule in dressing. You can always break it and wear however you see it as long as you have the confidence to pull it off. After all, fashion and confidence often goes side by side and it’s still up to the person how comfortable they are in their own skin whatever items of clothing they are wearing.

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