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Intel’s Big AI Dreams

Many things in this world come and go. Not all have the capacity to last for centuries at the top of its games. Only a handful are capable of doing that and they are mostly big brands that have become household names and managed to ride the tide and survive the changing of trends and people’s interests. If there is one thing that truly defines today’s society, it has to do with the very strong presence of technology in just about every nook and cranny of this planet. Wherever you go, there is a tech device that is sure to take your fancy or catch you by surprise. Major opportunities are made or broken with tech. The advent of smartphones has also strengthened the power the Internet of Things has over us and it has brought the World Wide Web to the palm of our hands and as such we can only wonder what else is in store for all of us in the coming years.

But the journey of technology wasn’t a straight path to where it is now. There have been discoveries, breakthroughs, major embarrassments and disappointments and the cycle repeats itself …