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What Does Science Mean To You?

As kids, we had to take science classes from first grade until high school. All these classes taught us all the basic science concepts and many other important things in life, from the origins of life, how the human body works, and other more complex topics such as chemistry and physics. The subject wasn’t always easy but many times we have enjoyed understanding scientific concepts come to life and understood by our simple brain.

Much has changed today when it comes to science and technology. There are newer discoveries that have strengthened previous scientific theories or some that have entirely refuted them. It is likewise easier for us to gain access to a vast amount of knowledge on the web, something that we didn’t have access to in the past. It’s funny, though, that our understanding of what science really is about have become clouded regardless of how much we know about it now.

APOLOGIES TO MERRIAM, Webster, and everyone else who has ever assigned themselves the chore of cataloging how English speakers use words, but science is not a noun. I mean, yes, technically it is.1 But conversationally, most people use ‘science’ like Mark