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An American Supercomputer In The Making

The world is fascinated with computers. It’s undeniable with the number of digital innovations littered around us. From our personal lives to the society at large, computers play a big role in our day-to-day. The computers we now have are very much different from the ones we used to dabble with in our youth. Gone were the floppy disks and super slow Internet explorer of yesteryears. And with technology, you can only go forward with each passing years. With the tech capability we now have, artificial intelligence is almost within our reach.

Various countries try to outbuild one another with the computing technology they develop. China’s economy is only second to that of the US but they dominate the world of supercomputers. In an effort to surpass supercomputers made by the Chinese, the US is allocating hundreds of millions of dollars to make this dream a reality, and hopefully, rank higher than the first two that came from Chinese soil.

The United States will spent $258 million over three years in an effort to develop a supercomputer capable of hitting one exaflop.

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry announced on Thursday that Washington would be awarding