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Increase In Energy Taxes Hurt Business Groups

Businesses exist for profits. There is no denying that fact. No entrepreneur in his right mind will start a business only to expect to lose money in return. Businesses provide an income revenue for entrepreneurs as long as they know how to manage their business right and invest in the right industry. There are a lot of things at work when running a business. The work does not end in the conceptualizing of the business plan among other things – it is actually just the beginning.

The actual running of the business is where all the work is done by putting into practice all the theories and principles entrepreneurs believe in and in using them all to sell a product or a service and make money in return. Operational costs must also be considered as you need to spend money in order to make money. It’s an age-old practice followed by almost everyone in the business circle. Now, news about a rise in energy tax has a big impact on businesses as they usually use a lot of energy in their day-to-day business operation.

Business groups warned Tuesday that a state Senate-passed proposal to