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Is Life In Space Possible?

Planet Earth has been our home for like forever. Of course, that’s our only reality. Man can’t survive living on other planets because of inhospitable conditions not conducive for man. But the state of our planet is deteriorating by the minute. Our very presence hastened global warming that greatly contributed to climate change. Mankind has been so good not only in populating the planet but also in polluting it and abusing its resources.

It’s no wonder that scientists are looking at ways on how we can possibly survive living on other planets when life on earth is beyond salvageable. Is there any planet out there that can resemble conditions on earth and can we possibly thrive in it like we do here on the planet? They’re just simple questions but have remained unanswerable for as long as we can remember.

The future of space exploration and technology is a hot topic these days, fueling blockbuster movies and heightening attention about travel to Mars and other planets one day.

On Friday and Saturday, the University of Massachusetts Lowell is convening scientists, former astronauts, and industry leaders for two days of talks on the topic. The symposium