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Bright Light In The Night Skies

There is night and day and with it comes darkness and light. It’s something as natural as breathing – a natural phenomenon as old as time that dictates the world order. Well, it might have been true in the past but things have definitely changed since technology began to dominate the world more and more. If you look at the night sky nowadays, it is no longer as dark as it is supposed to be. While we like the idea of being able to do more now regardless if it is night or day, it may have a negative impact to the environment without us really knowing. After all, there is a reason why things happen the way they do and the more we meddle with how the planet works only spell disaster for everyone in the long run.

Artificial lights glimmer and sparkle in the night sky especially if you live in urban areas. But even in rural places right now, you can still see certain areas lighted more heavily than the others. What does this mean then? Of course, we know how much of an impact technology has over the environment. And while …