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Getting Artsy But Lacking In Money

Creativity and talent are often inborn but it can be honed. That’s what workshops are for. It’s why exposing kids to the arts at a young age gives them higher chances of excelling in it later in life. With all the problems and negativity in the world today, immersing in the various aspects of the arts is both refreshing and a learning experience for many. We cherish the feeling of being in the presence of such works of arts that only true masters are capable of creating and we can’t help but admire in wonder.

Unfortunately, the arts do not receive the support it needs from the federal government. President Donald Trump’s various budget cuts hit artists all over the country hard and are a big blow to an already suffering industry. In a world that is fast becoming digital, everyone should know more about the arts as a means to detox from our increasingly stressful life. However, Trump does not see the economic value of the arts and only sees it as an additional expense that the government has to support.

Funding for arts education is once again on the chopping block, but