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The Global Demand For Fastfood Grows

We all need food to survive. If we don’t, we’ll gradually wither and die like plants do in the absence of water and sunlight. Our eating patterns, though, have changed greatly over the years. Back then, most people ate healthy, home-cooked meals daily. Mothers used to stay at home and prepare their family’s meals, but today, many of them have joined the work force to help provide for the family. Hence, the people resort to fast food for a quick and easy solution to feeding the entire family without overspending.

In America alone, fast food has become the preferred food of the public. They can just grab it and go. It is especially convenient for individuals who are juggling various jobs that require them to be always wary of the time. Today, fast food is all over the world. Even in countries that aren’t a big fan of fast food like China now have countless fast food joints scattered here and there. On top of that, food delivery is fast becoming a practice too similar to that in Western countries.

McDonald’s will nearly double the number of restaurants in China in the next five