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The Struggles Of Working Women

Men and women have been viewed differently for the longest time. Even until today when the world at large is more tolerant and accepting of gender diversity, we can’t deny the fact that men and women still play different roles in society. Technological innovations have been outstanding but there are certain things that never change. Sure, there may be more women in the workforce now but does that really reflect how much things have changed for the better for the more feminine of the sexes or are there still underlying gender issues that still plague modern-day women especially the working ones? At this day and age, what could possibly be the problems faced by all women regardless of what part of the world they live in and how do they cope with it are just some of the questions we are still seeking answers for.

What we may be seeing right now of women being hired in more jobs across a variety of industries may very well just be a smokescreen of underlying issues that spam centuries ago. It is perhaps true that more women are hired in different jobs right now but many …