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Unraveling The Mystery That Is Insomnia

What happens to us during our slumber remains a mystery to all of us. Our conscious mind can’t recall anything that transpires to us during sleep. That’s how nature designed this restorative process to be. However, not everyone gets to enjoy a good night’s sleep because of sleep disorders like sleep apnea and insomnia. Just recently, doctors found a new discovery about insomnia as to why it happens to help in its management. Basically, insomnia is the difficulty of falling and staying asleep. It is easy to identify insomnia although experts always advise getting yourself checked if you have sleep issues to be certain. Symptoms of insomnia include an extreme difficulty in falling asleep. Just give up on counting sheep and save yourself from all the tossing and turning and get medical help.

Another symptom is suddenly waking up in the middle of the night and be unable to sleep after. Sleep continues to elude you no matter what you do. It baffled people for a long time but we now know more about this sleep condition than we did in the past. Not only is it a medical condition, it can be triggered by …


Can Snoring Kill You?

We enjoy all the things we do, whether at school, at work, or at play. But at the end of the day, nothing is more comforting and rewarding than being able to lie down in bed and make our way to dreamland. Sleep is a vital human need. You’ll have a hard time functioning as a normal human being if you are sleep deprived.

Not only is sleep vital to restore normal body functions, it is also crucial to maintain good health always. Constant sleep deprivation can put you at higher risk of certain health diseases and disorder that were easily avoidable if you just sleep at least eight hours at night. But sometimes, lack of sleep can also be due to the loud snoring of your partner or perhaps the difficulty in breathing you experience while sleeping if you are a snorer yourself.

It might not be just an example of a bad habit. If snoring happens frequently, then it can make a great influence on quantity and quality of the sleeping and overall health. Snoring may cause problems not only for you but also for your roommates and loved ones. Returning to