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Social Media: A Modern Addiction

Social media rules the Internet. Name anyone who doesn’t have an SNS account yet and you’d probably have a hard time thinking of any. Everyone is using some form of social media these days. All time favorites are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. People can get lost for hours browsing their various SNS news feed and clicking on links to find out what is trending in the online world. And with the advent of smartphones, it became like second nature for people to check on their SNS accounts every few minutes or so. Even businesses benefit from social media in order to reach a wider audience without all the hassle. They can promote and grow their brand by posting regularly on social media where people can immediately see their posts and even leave comments or messages.

While initially thought as something innocent and just a means to pass the time and kill boredom, social media has evolved to become an addiction that is slowly messing up with their lives especially with school and work responsibilities. You don’t often notice the hours passing by because you are too engrossed clicking all those likes, comments, and shares. How …


How To Capture Instagram-Worthy Photos

With the growing popularity of social media today, there is a need to constantly update your family, friends, and acquaintance about what’s new in your life on a daily basis. Hence, the term “selfie” became a sensational hit and was even added to dictionaries. Other words that are related to taking photos also appeared like groufie, for instance. It simply means a group selfie.

We only realized how narcissistic we all are with the advent of smartphones and social media. And you don’t even need to purchase an expensive DSLR camera to capture Instagram-worthy photos. Your personal smartphone will do. You can copy popular poses on Instagram and fill your feed with amateur photos that look professional to the untrained eye. And mind you, people make a living from their social media accounts. You’ll be surprised on how much they make just posting photos, videos, and updates about themselves.

It’s a hard life. 21 years old, 300,000 followers, traveling the world for a living, posting your photographic results to Instagram. That’s the day-to-day of Jacob Riglin, who is instantly likeable no matter how much you want to begrudge his seemingly perfect life. Instagram has