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Does A Diploma Equate Success In Life?

From a young age, we were always reprimanded by our parents to study hard and learn as much as you can from school. Some are obsessed in getting high marks and bringing home different awards (both academic and extra-curricular) while many are there to simply pass and learn whatever they need in order to find a job and earn their keep once they leave the four corners of the classroom for good. Yet as we go along in life, most of us realize that not all degree-holders really succeed later in life and there are those who haven’t finished their studies who eventually lead a more prosperous life than their educated counterparts.

Now, you may ask yourself, is a diploma necessary at all to become successful in your adult years? It’s a tricky question because the answer may vary depending on person to person. It is undeniable that you need to hold a degree in applying for certain jobs especially now that the world has gotten smaller because of the power of the Internet and that people from different parts of the world can actually compete for the same job. Meanwhile, there are individuals who …


Are Today’s Billionaires Born or Made???

The world may be made up of billions and billions of people at a time but only a handful truly succeeds in life. Alongside prominent leaders and influencers of our time, the rich also take the spotlight for their superiority above the rest in terms of the amount of money they have in their bank accounts and how many assets they personally own with very little to almost non-existent liabilities. Many envy them since most of us equate happiness with having lots of money. Yet there is one perennial question that many of us keep asking ourselves, is a billionaire born or made?

Well, it is a hard question to answer and we may need to look into the lives of previous and current billionaires and find out how they were as children and what those born without a golden spoon did to amass such success and richness in their lifetime. The Forbes list is a great place to start as it compiles the wealthiest in the nation and from there one can further their research as to these people’s background. And the results aren’t surprising either. It only confirms that while some are born …