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G7 Climate Talks

Not only America but the whole world was shaken when US President Donald Trump signed the nation out of the Paris Climate Agreement quite recently. The US now joins Syria and Nicaragua. World leaders criticized Trump’s decision especially the high carbon footprint generated by many American manufacturing firms. We all know that climate change is no longer just a threat today but a reality we are all living in. Many of the world’s natural weather phenomena have intensified over the years because of it. A lot of hurricanes have evolved to be catastrophic disasters that wiped out properties and took away countless human lives.

It’s the reason why the Paris Climate Agreement was created in the first place. It’s for individual parties to determine their own contribution to greenhouse emission and what else they can do to slow down the progression of climate change. It actually is the first comprehensive climate agreement implemented on a global scale. And it makes sense to have an initiative as big as this considering how the planet is suffering right now and it’s mostly because of us humans.

“The unprecedented split on climate change out of the G7