Bright Light In The Night Skies

There is night and day and with it comes darkness and light. It’s something as natural as breathing – a natural phenomenon as old as time that dictates the world order. Well, it might have been true in the past but things have definitely changed since technology began to dominate the world more and more. If you look at the night sky nowadays, it is no longer as dark as it is supposed to be. While we like the idea of being able to do more now regardless if it is night or day, it may have a negative impact to the environment without us really knowing. After all, there is a reason why things happen the way they do and the more we meddle with how the planet works only spell disaster for everyone in the long run.

Artificial lights glimmer and sparkle in the night sky especially if you live in urban areas. But even in rural places right now, you can still see certain areas lighted more heavily than the others. What does this mean then? Of course, we know how much of an impact technology has over the environment. And while …


Staying Fashionable This Winter Season

We all know that fashion is ever evolving and the fashion this season may seem outdated on the next. Yet if there’s one unique thing about fashion is that old staples can appear cool again when they make a comeback. This is especially true with 90s fashion that has dominated the previous seasons as of late. But now that the last season for the year is fast approaching, what else can we do to revamp our closets with fashionable winter pieces without necessarily freezing in the cold. Of course, we want our fashion t be always on point. So, what are the things you need to remember this coming winter, so you always look fab and not drab because you are covered from head to toe?

You don’t always have to dress to impress, though, as long as you don’t look like a fashion victim and you don’t compromise your health and safety by (consciously) neglecting to wear proper winter clothing for the sake of looking fashionable. Unfortunately, many people are still clueless how to achieve that knack in dressing appropriately according to the season. Some prefer to take the easy way out and …


The Struggles Of Working Women

Men and women have been viewed differently for the longest time. Even until today when the world at large is more tolerant and accepting of gender diversity, we can’t deny the fact that men and women still play different roles in society. Technological innovations have been outstanding but there are certain things that never change. Sure, there may be more women in the workforce now but does that really reflect how much things have changed for the better for the more feminine of the sexes or are there still underlying gender issues that still plague modern-day women especially the working ones? At this day and age, what could possibly be the problems faced by all women regardless of what part of the world they live in and how do they cope with it are just some of the questions we are still seeking answers for.

What we may be seeing right now of women being hired in more jobs across a variety of industries may very well just be a smokescreen of underlying issues that spam centuries ago. It is perhaps true that more women are hired in different jobs right now but many …


Coffee Isn’t That Bad After All

There is this notion that coffee is bad for one’s health because it is high in caffeine. For years we have believed it without any fuss mainly because we knew deep down inside us that something as good as coffee definitely has to be bad. Well, it’s not entirely far from the truth because after all, too much of a good thing can somehow be bad for you. But times have changed and we know better now than to just take something at face value. Technology is so advanced that everything is almost possible now. So, it is but reassuring to find out that we have put all these innovations to good use by finally putting to rest the misconception about coffee being bad for our health.

It’s time for coffee drinkers to rejoice as the experts confirm that this caffeine-rich beverage that is a favorite of many may actually be beneficial for your health even if you drink up to 6 cups daily. Wow! I guess many of you are relieved to find out about this teeny weeny bit of information. You see, a big majority of the population are actually coffee addicts. The …


Protecting Your Data While You Still Can

The web is an amazing place full of interesting contents that suit different tastes. There is essentially something that will catch your fancy. And the more the world progresses, the more intertwined our lives are to technology. The most obvious of all is the smartphone which almost never leaves our hands and is usually the first thing we look for upon waking up and the last thing we tinker with before drifting off to sleep at night. Then, most industries also use the computer in running their day-to-day operation. Whether it is a small, medium or a big business, a school, an institution, or even those stay-at-home employees and entrepreneurs use it in their day-to-day. Small and big data make our digital world go round.

Now, what happens when this data is compromised? Well, perhaps it can be the end for you and a sign to buy a new device. Sometimes, businesses close for good because they’re no longer able to recover from the inconvenience caused by lost files that are basically the backbone of their businesses. At times, it is still possible to recover lost data but not all the time. Backing up your


Does A Diploma Equate Success In Life?

From a young age, we were always reprimanded by our parents to study hard and learn as much as you can from school. Some are obsessed in getting high marks and bringing home different awards (both academic and extra-curricular) while many are there to simply pass and learn whatever they need in order to find a job and earn their keep once they leave the four corners of the classroom for good. Yet as we go along in life, most of us realize that not all degree-holders really succeed later in life and there are those who haven’t finished their studies who eventually lead a more prosperous life than their educated counterparts.

Now, you may ask yourself, is a diploma necessary at all to become successful in your adult years? It’s a tricky question because the answer may vary depending on person to person. It is undeniable that you need to hold a degree in applying for certain jobs especially now that the world has gotten smaller because of the power of the Internet and that people from different parts of the world can actually compete for the same job. Meanwhile, there are individuals who …


Save Your Wallet This Christmas

Who doesn’t like Christmas, right? It is the happiest time of the year for both the young and the old. You have more free time from work or school to spend at home with your family or even travel somewhere far, not to mention all the holiday cheer. Perhaps the highlight of the season aside from the unwavering Christmas spirit is the unending sharing of gifts. Kids receive the most gifts during this time of the year especially if they have been nice all-year round. Now, exactly how much do you need to spend on pampering the young ones with toys and Christmas presents? At this age, many of them do not understand the value of money yet and if you keep on spoiling them by buying lavish gifts, it may only set as a precedent for even more costly presents as the child grows up.

Sometimes, it takes a little creativity in coming up with the perfect presents. It does not necessarily have to cost a lot but something the child appreciates. It can also be something functional that a child can use in their day-to-day. Now, adults get presents too not only …


Are Today’s Billionaires Born or Made???

The world may be made up of billions and billions of people at a time but only a handful truly succeeds in life. Alongside prominent leaders and influencers of our time, the rich also take the spotlight for their superiority above the rest in terms of the amount of money they have in their bank accounts and how many assets they personally own with very little to almost non-existent liabilities. Many envy them since most of us equate happiness with having lots of money. Yet there is one perennial question that many of us keep asking ourselves, is a billionaire born or made?

Well, it is a hard question to answer and we may need to look into the lives of previous and current billionaires and find out how they were as children and what those born without a golden spoon did to amass such success and richness in their lifetime. The Forbes list is a great place to start as it compiles the wealthiest in the nation and from there one can further their research as to these people’s background. And the results aren’t surprising either. It only confirms that while some are born …


The Best Places To Shop For Christmas Presents

Can you feel it? The wind is a lot cooler now. Shops are filled with bright and festive decorations. It only means one thing. Christmas is fast approaching. I’m sure both young and old alike are looking forward to this merriest time of the year. With the holidays comes lots of free time to spend with the people you love and to forget about worries about life and work even for a short time. Aside from the sumptuous food and the joyous sound of carols everywhere, one of the highlights during the holidays is the sharing of Christmas presents. I’m sure everybody is thinking about what gifts to buy for Christmas as there is roughly a month left before the holidays.

You still have time to finish your Christmas list if you start shopping now and you can save yourself from all the hassles of last-minute shopping when malls are already crowded and most items are sold at a regular price. Truly what can save your wallet and your sanity is shopping early but the question is where? Most shoppers now actually shop online. It’s a very convenient way to buy for just about everything …


Intel’s Big AI Dreams

Many things in this world come and go. Not all have the capacity to last for centuries at the top of its games. Only a handful are capable of doing that and they are mostly big brands that have become household names and managed to ride the tide and survive the changing of trends and people’s interests. If there is one thing that truly defines today’s society, it has to do with the very strong presence of technology in just about every nook and cranny of this planet. Wherever you go, there is a tech device that is sure to take your fancy or catch you by surprise. Major opportunities are made or broken with tech. The advent of smartphones has also strengthened the power the Internet of Things has over us and it has brought the World Wide Web to the palm of our hands and as such we can only wonder what else is in store for all of us in the coming years.

But the journey of technology wasn’t a straight path to where it is now. There have been discoveries, breakthroughs, major embarrassments and disappointments and the cycle repeats itself …


The Lost Art Of Cooking

Back in the days, people learned to cook by copying their elders, especially their mothers, aunts, grandmothers, or any mother figure in their household. You learn young basically because you are taught young too. Kids are expected to help with the household chores once they are big enough and these tasks become more complex as they age. So, people had no problems feeding themselves in the past as it was second nature for them to whip up delicious and healthy home-cooked meals for the entire family from sunrise to sunset. The problem with obesity was quite rare because kids seldom eat junks as they are well-fed from home or still had healthy snacks when they do indulge their sweet tooth.

Fast-forward many decades later and we have become an unhealthy population of obese people thriving on junks and do not know how to cook. What a shame, really. We have grown so accustomed to eating from fastfood, canned goods, and other ready-to-eat meals that require the most minimal of efforts from us. But how come we have been reduced to this species when we have all the technological means that are supposed to make our …


Overcoming Your Disabilities

Not everyone is born equal. We all have unique characteristics that set us apart from the rest. But at times, this individuality may not always be a good thing as it comes in the form of a disability that differentiates you from what is normal. Society may not always be so accepting but a lot has changed over the years and those with disabilities are leading better lives now. They don’t always have to be considered as social outcasts because they can actually function as normal human beings and some can even hold a job.

It takes a great deal of strength and courage to overcome one’s own physical limitations. It’s not always other people that deter you but your own belief in your self (and doubts as well) that you can live a normal life even if you are physically-handicapped. Of course, you did not wish to be born with a body not up to par with the world’s standard but it is a burden you’ll bear throughout your lifetime. Fortunately, that burden has become lighter as the world gradually becomes more disability-friendly. Some who do manage to find a real-paying work actually …


Staying Strong In Faith Despite Continued Progress

Since the beginning of time, humans believed and continue to believe in a supreme being that created, guides, and watches over us all the time. This knowledge eased our worries and gave us hope with each passing day. Your faith is actually what you believe deep within you. Religion is when you profess this faith and join a specific system of faith and worship. Some of the most popular and controversial religions in the world are Christianity and Islam. Throughout the ages, these religions fought for supremacy over the other and this struggle continues until today.

However, people’s priorities have significantly changed as our world progresses. Humans put more value now on material objects rather than on one’s spirituality. Fewer people go to church or even pray on their own. They often only remember to pray and ask for divine intervention in the face of difficult hurdles and problems in life. It is really that hard to stay strong in your faith when everyone around you is also engrossed in gaining material wealth rather than securing their place in heaven.

Critics of religious faith often like to compare it, unfavorably, to science. Science, they


The Dream Of Building Smart Cities

The way to progress is through tech advancements. That’s what we have basically learned over the years. We see it from first-class cities like Singapore that is a class of its own. Life is fast-paced because technology ensures everything is done on time without a glitch. Building smart cities also involve a lot of money and the use of various technologies. It is easier for smaller nations to do this but it can be quite burdensome for those bigger ones that are lacking in funds and the willpower to initiate such a major change.

For most cities in the world today, can you likewise build and maintain a smart city? And when I say smart city, it is realizing a vision of an urban development that has integrated the technology of the Internet of Things (IoT) and communications in running the affairs of the place. Well, given the technology that we have right now and knowing that others were able to do it means that it is highly possible. The only problem arises from the leaders and how they manage their resources in order for them to execute such a grand plan.

In the panel


The Challenges In Educating Refugees

Education is the only treasure that can’t be taken away from you. It is a powerful tool that can shape nations and society and bring about progress. The only catch is that education can be quite expensive. Not everyone can afford to pay for high tuition fees when they can barely afford to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. Public schools also don’t always have the funding it needs to support additional students, especially foreign ones. Meanwhile, the elite and the wealthy can afford to study abroad and indulge all of life’s luxuries and study as many courses as they like.

It’s doubly harder to get an education if you are a refugee. First off, you are a person without a home or a nation. You are either driven out of your homeland because of wars and conflicts or even famine and natural disasters. Refugees have to stay in temporary shelters until a country welcomes them or a relocation housing is provided. But that does not mean that young kids should stop from learning. These children are already deprived of a lot of things that not finding a way …


Getting Artsy But Lacking In Money

Creativity and talent are often inborn but it can be honed. That’s what workshops are for. It’s why exposing kids to the arts at a young age gives them higher chances of excelling in it later in life. With all the problems and negativity in the world today, immersing in the various aspects of the arts is both refreshing and a learning experience for many. We cherish the feeling of being in the presence of such works of arts that only true masters are capable of creating and we can’t help but admire in wonder.

Unfortunately, the arts do not receive the support it needs from the federal government. President Donald Trump’s various budget cuts hit artists all over the country hard and are a big blow to an already suffering industry. In a world that is fast becoming digital, everyone should know more about the arts as a means to detox from our increasingly stressful life. However, Trump does not see the economic value of the arts and only sees it as an additional expense that the government has to support.

Funding for arts education is once again on the chopping block, but


Social Media: A Modern Addiction

Social media rules the Internet. Name anyone who doesn’t have an SNS account yet and you’d probably have a hard time thinking of any. Everyone is using some form of social media these days. All time favorites are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. People can get lost for hours browsing their various SNS news feed and clicking on links to find out what is trending in the online world. And with the advent of smartphones, it became like second nature for people to check on their SNS accounts every few minutes or so. Even businesses benefit from social media in order to reach a wider audience without all the hassle. They can promote and grow their brand by posting regularly on social media where people can immediately see their posts and even leave comments or messages.

While initially thought as something innocent and just a means to pass the time and kill boredom, social media has evolved to become an addiction that is slowly messing up with their lives especially with school and work responsibilities. You don’t often notice the hours passing by because you are too engrossed clicking all those likes, comments, and shares. How …


Increase In Energy Taxes Hurt Business Groups

Businesses exist for profits. There is no denying that fact. No entrepreneur in his right mind will start a business only to expect to lose money in return. Businesses provide an income revenue for entrepreneurs as long as they know how to manage their business right and invest in the right industry. There are a lot of things at work when running a business. The work does not end in the conceptualizing of the business plan among other things – it is actually just the beginning.

The actual running of the business is where all the work is done by putting into practice all the theories and principles entrepreneurs believe in and in using them all to sell a product or a service and make money in return. Operational costs must also be considered as you need to spend money in order to make money. It’s an age-old practice followed by almost everyone in the business circle. Now, news about a rise in energy tax has a big impact on businesses as they usually use a lot of energy in their day-to-day business operation.

Business groups warned Tuesday that a state Senate-passed proposal to


Tech Conferences Level-Up Too

We live in the digital age. You can see it all around you. Even in your own homes, it is cluttered with various tech gadgets that were yet unknown a few years back or not as widely used as it is now. And where is the best place to learn more about the current technology and those that are still in the works but in tech conferences? When it comes to tech conferences, expect things to be not the usual pen and paper type approach. There will be more technology subtly intertwined in the agenda and in everything you see around you. After all, these people are selling tech concepts and gadgets, so consumers and experts should be able to see a powerful presentation of these technologies to convince them that these technologies will be worth their time and money.

Technology is fast-changing and evolving into something even more complex and dynamic than the ones we are now using. These tech conferences are a great avenue for those who have a keen interest in technology because it gives them a chance to see and even get to play with these gadgets before they even …


The Global Demand For Fastfood Grows

We all need food to survive. If we don’t, we’ll gradually wither and die like plants do in the absence of water and sunlight. Our eating patterns, though, have changed greatly over the years. Back then, most people ate healthy, home-cooked meals daily. Mothers used to stay at home and prepare their family’s meals, but today, many of them have joined the work force to help provide for the family. Hence, the people resort to fast food for a quick and easy solution to feeding the entire family without overspending.

In America alone, fast food has become the preferred food of the public. They can just grab it and go. It is especially convenient for individuals who are juggling various jobs that require them to be always wary of the time. Today, fast food is all over the world. Even in countries that aren’t a big fan of fast food like China now have countless fast food joints scattered here and there. On top of that, food delivery is fast becoming a practice too similar to that in Western countries.

McDonald’s will nearly double the number of restaurants in China in the next five


New York Won’t Tolerate Ivory Poaching Anymore

Animals and humans coexist in this world. Due to our superior brain, we emerged as the more powerful species than these animals that once roamed the planet freely. Despite being monstrous creatures in size, many of these animals have gone endangered because of irresponsible human activities like poaching and hunting. These poor animals have become victims of man’s greed as they are often sold as exotic dishes or in the case of elephants, have their tusks removed for the ivory found in it.

In the “city that never sleeps”, roughly eight million worth of elephant ivory has been destroyed in the infamous Central Park as “The Ivory Crush” initiated this event. Aside from global warming, deforestation, climate change, pollution, and rapid growth of the human population, many of the world’s animal species have disappeared off the face of the planet without most of us know about it. More extinction is expected as the list of endangered species grows.

Trinkets, statues, and jewelry crafted from the tusks of at least 100 slaughtered elephants were fed Thursday into a rock crusher in Central Park to demonstrate the state’s commitment to smashing the illegal ivory trade.



An American Supercomputer In The Making

The world is fascinated with computers. It’s undeniable with the number of digital innovations littered around us. From our personal lives to the society at large, computers play a big role in our day-to-day. The computers we now have are very much different from the ones we used to dabble with in our youth. Gone were the floppy disks and super slow Internet explorer of yesteryears. And with technology, you can only go forward with each passing years. With the tech capability we now have, artificial intelligence is almost within our reach.

Various countries try to outbuild one another with the computing technology they develop. China’s economy is only second to that of the US but they dominate the world of supercomputers. In an effort to surpass supercomputers made by the Chinese, the US is allocating hundreds of millions of dollars to make this dream a reality, and hopefully, rank higher than the first two that came from Chinese soil.

The United States will spent $258 million over three years in an effort to develop a supercomputer capable of hitting one exaflop.

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry announced on Thursday that Washington would be awarding


G7 Climate Talks

Not only America but the whole world was shaken when US President Donald Trump signed the nation out of the Paris Climate Agreement quite recently. The US now joins Syria and Nicaragua. World leaders criticized Trump’s decision especially the high carbon footprint generated by many American manufacturing firms. We all know that climate change is no longer just a threat today but a reality we are all living in. Many of the world’s natural weather phenomena have intensified over the years because of it. A lot of hurricanes have evolved to be catastrophic disasters that wiped out properties and took away countless human lives.

It’s the reason why the Paris Climate Agreement was created in the first place. It’s for individual parties to determine their own contribution to greenhouse emission and what else they can do to slow down the progression of climate change. It actually is the first comprehensive climate agreement implemented on a global scale. And it makes sense to have an initiative as big as this considering how the planet is suffering right now and it’s mostly because of us humans.

“The unprecedented split on climate change out of the G7


Money In Politics

Progressive nations rely on the government to make use of the country’s natural resources to collect taxes, generate funds, maintain law and order, and uphold the rights of the citizens, among others. Political leaders not only maintain domestic affairs but take part in the global arena to represent the country. Maintaining global relations is important not only in nation building but also in trading. However, not all politicians engage in politics for public service. Many are now blinded by the power and money that is in their hands when in public office that they use in it enriching themselves and their families rather than focusing on providing genuine public service.

Politicians receive plenty of donations to fund their candidacy since the onset of the campaign or even before that for some. And when they win, these politicians feel indebted to these donors and willingly give in to their requests whatever they may be. Even in running a country, money also plays a crucial role since you can’t fund government programs or build new infrastructure, for instance, without sufficient funding. Not all the time this fund comes from the people’s taxes, it can also be money …


Unraveling The Mystery That Is Insomnia

What happens to us during our slumber remains a mystery to all of us. Our conscious mind can’t recall anything that transpires to us during sleep. That’s how nature designed this restorative process to be. However, not everyone gets to enjoy a good night’s sleep because of sleep disorders like sleep apnea and insomnia. Just recently, doctors found a new discovery about insomnia as to why it happens to help in its management. Basically, insomnia is the difficulty of falling and staying asleep. It is easy to identify insomnia although experts always advise getting yourself checked if you have sleep issues to be certain. Symptoms of insomnia include an extreme difficulty in falling asleep. Just give up on counting sheep and save yourself from all the tossing and turning and get medical help.

Another symptom is suddenly waking up in the middle of the night and be unable to sleep after. Sleep continues to elude you no matter what you do. It baffled people for a long time but we now know more about this sleep condition than we did in the past. Not only is it a medical condition, it can be triggered by …


Cybersecurity On The Web

You won’t run out of things to do on the World Wide Web. Whatever your interests are, you are sure to find something that will pique your interest; as if social media is not a good enough reason to force you to go online on a daily basis. You have shared several personal details on all your social networks because you need to disclose them when you create your account. However, hackers can steal your data once they gain access to the system and give you lots of headaches in the future.

Cybersecurity is no laughing issue. You’d be surprised at how sophisticated modern hackers and cyber criminals have become and you don’t stand a chance once they get into your system, corrupt your files, and steal valuable data – even your own identity. Cyber attacks often make it to the headline because such attacks are becoming far too prevalent these days.

It’s now clear that cyber attacks are a fact of life for corporations and governments. What’s less clear are the winners and losers among companies focused on stopping the digital break-ins.

News about the WannaCry digital extortion attack that crippled hundreds of


Is Life In Space Possible?

Planet Earth has been our home for like forever. Of course, that’s our only reality. Man can’t survive living on other planets because of inhospitable conditions not conducive for man. But the state of our planet is deteriorating by the minute. Our very presence hastened global warming that greatly contributed to climate change. Mankind has been so good not only in populating the planet but also in polluting it and abusing its resources.

It’s no wonder that scientists are looking at ways on how we can possibly survive living on other planets when life on earth is beyond salvageable. Is there any planet out there that can resemble conditions on earth and can we possibly thrive in it like we do here on the planet? They’re just simple questions but have remained unanswerable for as long as we can remember.

The future of space exploration and technology is a hot topic these days, fueling blockbuster movies and heightening attention about travel to Mars and other planets one day.

On Friday and Saturday, the University of Massachusetts Lowell is convening scientists, former astronauts, and industry leaders for two days of talks on the topic. The symposium


No Retreat, No Surrender: Environmental Issues During Trump Era

The world is rapidly heating up. Thanks to the buildup of gasses, it advances global warming and climate change at a rate that has never been seen for centuries. The damage has been done. There’s no point denying that. However, we can still change our ways and reduce the damage we are currently inflicting on the world by supporting sustainable living among others.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of challenges facing all of us. For starters, the government agency that’s been trying to undo the damage of climate change and taking appropriate measures to prevent us from doing more harm will lose the government’s support and no longer be able to continue their existing environment-friendly programs. President Trump has been vocal in saying that climate change is a hoax, so it does not come out as a surprise that he is stripping the US Environmental Protection Agency of much-needed funds for its operation.

If there’s a silver lining to the toxic cloud hovering over the White House, it’s that our science-denying president hasn’t caused too much damage to the environment. Yet.

But nearly four months into the Trump administration, the risks to the nation’s air,


What Does Science Mean To You?

As kids, we had to take science classes from first grade until high school. All these classes taught us all the basic science concepts and many other important things in life, from the origins of life, how the human body works, and other more complex topics such as chemistry and physics. The subject wasn’t always easy but many times we have enjoyed understanding scientific concepts come to life and understood by our simple brain.

Much has changed today when it comes to science and technology. There are newer discoveries that have strengthened previous scientific theories or some that have entirely refuted them. It is likewise easier for us to gain access to a vast amount of knowledge on the web, something that we didn’t have access to in the past. It’s funny, though, that our understanding of what science really is about have become clouded regardless of how much we know about it now.

APOLOGIES TO MERRIAM, Webster, and everyone else who has ever assigned themselves the chore of cataloging how English speakers use words, but science is not a noun. I mean, yes, technically it is.1 But conversationally, most people use ‘science’ like Mark


Leading France In The New Millennium

France has always been a great country from then until now. It is home to a rich culture and the arts and many notable people in history hail from this picturesque country. The place in itself is known for famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, making it a premier destination among tourists both local and foreign.

Like any sovereign nation, politics in France is not far from different from that of the rest of the world. Leaders come and go but some leave a permanent mark that the people and the world won’t forget. France will soon elect its new leader and everyone is restless. Over the years, terrorist threats have claimed lives in the country’s capital and many other issues plaguing the nation as of late.

France will head to the polls not once, but twice, to decide their next president. And whoever wins will take over from the most unpopular president in French history – Francois Hollande.

The second European country to vote in the ‘super year of elections’, the French election doesn’t start until April 23, but has already seen plenty of drama with allegations of fraud surrounding right-wing

Business, Politics

Trading Issues In Trump’s America

President Trump is a great businessman. How could he build such an empire if he knew nothing about the trade, right? However, his new position as the U.S. president is not a business gamble. For four years, his decision will shape the nation and everyone else living in it. Soon after assuming office, he already made quite a few daring moves involving travel bans and more travel bans in his serious stance against terrorists and illegal immigrants. Well, it does not come as a surprise since he has been very vocal about his position on it for years now.

But other aspects of nation building are also affected by his unorthodox policies. While he gives utmost priority to defense, immigration and safety and security of everyone, he gives less importance to other equally important issues like education, trade, the arts, and many others. As a businessman himself, he should be a genius already when it comes to business policies that can help boost the country’s economy. However, it seems like his business acumen isn’t manifesting yet in his unprecedented leadership.

The United States broke with other large industrial nations over trade on Saturday as


Keep Your Health In Check While Traveling

To travel is to feed your senses and make lasting memories to last a lifetime. Not everyone is comfortable in leaving their homes and going somewhere new for a certain period of time. We all thrive in the safety and comfort offered by our homes but it is hard to pass up on the adventure of a lifetime. Traveling is so much easier now with cheaper airline flights and the convenience offered by the World Wide Web. You can easily book an Airbnb in any part of the world without breaking the bank. You can also come up with your travel itinerary months ahead before your big trip since you can find all the details you need on the web.

With the advent of smartphones, all these perks are now in the palm of your hand. You can do so many things all at once with no sweat at all, wherever you may be. As you feed your wanderlust, it is unavoidable to fall ill during your travels. It may be just a common cold or flu or a bout of diarrhea from all the street and exotic foods you have consumed the day before …


Dance To The Music Of The Times

Dancing is like art in motion. Similar to spoken poetry, the grace and fluid body movements of dancers captivate the hearts and attention of the audience. Not everyone is gifted with such a talent. And if you are among the gifted, you need to hone your talent through the years because it can get rusty over time. Like singers, most dancers start to train young. They join dance classes and dance groups to build their familiarity with the different grooves and build their confidence on stage as well.

Dancers invest their time and effort in perfecting their craft. However, like with any other aspects of the arts in the country today, it is at serious risk of budget cuts that can affect productions and so much more. President Trump does not fully support the arts in his federal budget plans, so is education, free trade, etc. Will the industry ever cope with such a lack of support from the federal government or is it the end for everyone involved?

On Thursday, the Trump administration released a preliminary 2018 budget proposal, which details many of the changes the president wants to make to the federal


How To Capture Instagram-Worthy Photos

With the growing popularity of social media today, there is a need to constantly update your family, friends, and acquaintance about what’s new in your life on a daily basis. Hence, the term “selfie” became a sensational hit and was even added to dictionaries. Other words that are related to taking photos also appeared like groufie, for instance. It simply means a group selfie.

We only realized how narcissistic we all are with the advent of smartphones and social media. And you don’t even need to purchase an expensive DSLR camera to capture Instagram-worthy photos. Your personal smartphone will do. You can copy popular poses on Instagram and fill your feed with amateur photos that look professional to the untrained eye. And mind you, people make a living from their social media accounts. You’ll be surprised on how much they make just posting photos, videos, and updates about themselves.

It’s a hard life. 21 years old, 300,000 followers, traveling the world for a living, posting your photographic results to Instagram. That’s the day-to-day of Jacob Riglin, who is instantly likeable no matter how much you want to begrudge his seemingly perfect life. Instagram has