Virtual Meditation: What You Need To Know

People achieve inner calm and peace through meditation. Meditating clears your mind and helps you forget your problems and worries even for just a short while. It is an art that is perfected by monks and yogis. But even though you are not a monk or is probably a struggling yoga beginner, meditating can offer you a lot of health benefits aside from just giving you temporary inner peace.

But as technology progresses, what little time we have for ourselves to ponder and reflect on our life and life decisions is taken away by too much technology use. Many people today are hooked on social media and excessive smartphone use. We put ourselves under undue stress from the constant #FOMO, lack of sleep, and insecurities as we compare our lives to that of our family and friends. Instead of spending your free time tinkering with your gadgets or keeping yourself updated on what’s trending and viral online, why not give meditation a try. It is probably what we all need in a world that is fast becoming full of technological distractions by the day.

While studying  the effects of meditation on human health, researchers in medical professions found that the relaxation response obtained by practicing meditation affects a man’s subconscious mind as well as every cell of his body and it also raises his level of immunity, tolerance, self control and will power which are very useful in treatment. This relaxation response, according to researchers, comes from the area of the pituitary-hypothalamus combine. One gives out alpha and delta waves from this sub-cortical region when he/she engages their mind in Meditation. Thus, the importance of positive thinking for good health and harmonious nature is well established and meditation is considered as the easiest tool to achieve it. Unless a man’s mind is cured and his will to become well is strengthened, no long lasting results can be assured through medicine or surgery. So let us make a strong resolve to strengthen ourselves mentally by applying principles of positive thinking and create an aura of wellness around us to cure our self as well as the people around us.   


Our body can only take so much. The daily grind is already a lot to take but not giving your body enough time to rest and recharge not only takes its toll on our physical health but on our mental and emotional well-being too.

Meanwhile, since we are already too preoccupied with technology, use, modern advancements has now allowed us to use our favorite gadgets when meditating.

The first thing I see is sunlight glistening off the gently rolling waves in the distance, while I stand on a small foliage-decked island so green it almost glows. Later, I’m standing on the balcony of the kind of aggressively minimalist luxury apartment only seen in movies and television shows. I can imagine a soft breeze flowing through these expansive spaces, but it’s only that: imagination.

In fact, I’m standing in my own living room and in a virtual reality creation, one especially designed to complement the practice of meditation, or at least one very specific version of it.

The program I’m using is called Guided Meditation VR, and I’m experiencing it through an HTC Vive virtual reality headset connected to powerful desktop computer. Besides choosing from about a dozen different locales to meditate in, I can listen to a wide variety of audio programs, called guided meditations, that run from 2 to 10 minutes and cover topics from breathing to compassion. 

Meditation in virtual locations isn’t the most traditional way to approach the practice, but it may entice skeptics who aren’t keen to sit in their living rooms with their eyes shut. “VR adds a really powerful, emotional ability to be in another place and to actually feel that emotional weight of another place,” says Josh Farkas, CEO of Cubicle Ninjas, Guided Meditation’s developer. “You can meditate anywhere, but at the end of the day, the ability to actually go to a virtual world and take a breather lowers the barrier to entry, and I hope gets people more excited.”


While others may raise their eyebrows on such unconventional methods of relaxation, you actually have nothing to lose but everything to gain. After all, if you can’t beat them, join them, right? We can’t stop technology from further advancing. And we can expect more unorthodox developments in the years to come.

If you find yourself glued to your smart gadget and can’t stop surfing the web throughout the day, why not give yourself a break and use technology itself to help you achieve your inner calm and peace. You don’t necessarily have to go on a retreat somewhere far away to be able to do so. You can now do it in the comfort of your own home and reap the same benefits that conventional meditation offers.

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